Docker Compose UI: Meet Lifeboat is an easy way to launch projects with a graphical interface

are you looking for some tool that make your dockering more easy specifically docker compose base project than lifeboat is tool for you . you need to do some easy step .

lets try with some example and see how its works. lets jump on lifeboat

Install Lifeboat on Mac ox or windows

Mac OS X:

Linux :

Windows :

Note: You will need to have Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows installed and running. Older implementations of Docker, using docker-machine or boot2docker, are not supported.

This electron base project is awesome

After Installing you will see something like this :

select your docker compose project if you don’t have any project on local host clone :

 git clone

select downloaded folder

Click Play Button:

and its running

check logs and and all command pretty much anything !! isn’t it cool !!

here the running container output cheers !!!

if you find useful hit kudos !!

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