First Virtual DockerCon LIVE 2020 – ZERO To HERO .

First virtual DockerCon 2020 , over 60000+ registration crossed , DockerCon means lot to me where you can learn lot of things . I’m Docker Community Leader Bangalore , { One Of the largest Docker Community in world } , from 2014 – Present exploring Docker ecosystem and believe me I learned lot from Docker Community . So long story short , what you can learn from DockerCon 2020 as Beginner or advance level .

There are 3 treating Channel you can jump inn between and enjoy all sessions , Interview and Captain on Deck .

For Beginner

Peter Mckee is new Docker Community Program lead Now , So congrats Peter . little bit about Peter , he works at Docker as ” Developer Relations Manager ” . if you’re new to docker this session will help you lot. In this session -” installing Docker and Kubernetes, building our first images, running our images locally, connecting containers using Docker networking, and we’ll also take a look at some best practices for setting up your development environment. You do not need to know anything about containers to attend this talk. We’ll start at the beginning, explaining and demonstrating everything you need to know to get started. “

another session around Docker Compose with hand-on session , Erika Heidi from Digital Ocean , Docker Compose was created to facilitate managing Docker environments that require multiple service containers, such as the typical LEMP stack. This talk will demonstrate how to create a PHP development environment with Docker Compose, using a Laravel 6 application as case study. We’ll see how to define and integrate services, how to share files between containers, and how to manage your environment with Docker Compose commands.

 Another Session by Anca Lordache on Docker Compose that will give clear and confidence to understand . if your python developer than it will be easier to understand multi-tier Python application up and running deterministically for development. Managing the versions, dependencies and configuration takes up time that you could be using to code. Containers and Docker Compose solve this and give you a deterministic development environment that’s quick to get up and running and easy to move to production.
This talk will show you some best practices for Python projects with Docker Compose, including:
– How to bootstrap your project
– An example development workflow with debugging and automated testing
– How to make your builds reproducible and optimized

another Speaker from Kathleen juell , Digital Ocean . what you can expect from this session :- some of these particularities, both at the image and service level, while also covering general best practices for building and running Node applications with database backends using Docker and Compose.

If Your working on AWS so this session will cover turns like CI/CD , Containerizing 3 application on Nginx Server, React App, Node.JS App,test containers and push images to Docker Hub ,Deploying Multi-Container App to AWS Elastic Beanstalk .

If Your already familiar with Docker than what’s new learning for you !

if you want to understand Gitops Concepts this session will cover  how Brendan used GitOps and the Cloud in a highly regulated sector with a small team operating a large microservice system – while still adhering to government regulations – and keeping the system simple enough for three people to manage it. 

if Your big fan of Docker Desktop on Windows you can learn new features of Docker For windows with WSL 2 support . From Simon Ferquel, Docker

Best Industry Practices

How Docker and Kubernetes helping Cockroach Labs , ( Cockroach DB Team) . Chris will walk through his team’s experience of running a distributed database across Kubernetes clusters in different regions and their attempts to make the process repeatable on different cloud providers and on-prem environments. He’ll cover common problems they encountered, solutions they’ve tried, how they’re running things today, and the future improvements he’s most excited about from projects like Istio.

this is something exciting talk in this pandamic , COVIN-19 hits Italy and globe and How Docker os Helping The Biggest Italian IT Company Continues Business Operation . No wonder as much excited for this session.

See you at #DockerCon !!

Sangam Biradar { Docker Community Leader }

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