Docker And Go Programming Workshop at K L University , Hyderabad

On 1st Nov and 2 Nov , I Traveled to K L University Hyderabad for 2 Day session on Docker and GoLang as well as I have showcased lot of real time project with hands-on experience . its always amazing to interact with students and teacher.

with over 60+ students we started 1st day of workshop. its started around 8.30 am morning . started with docker terminology and why we need ? Difference between monolithic and micro-service ar almost explained up-to 3.00 hr. and its great to intact up-to 3.00hr on terminology for better understand the basics . after that we started hands-on with DockerLabs

after covering all basic concepts we started :

Docker Workshop for Beginners: we completed each and every lab on with Play with docker . we completed this up-to 2.30 PM after this we covered some Q/A session between two groups . so each and every student answered question . after this we started Docker workshop for intermediate : . and we started hands-on session docker-compose. but before starting docker-composer part . students started to ask what if there is multiple dockerfile . and thats how we started docker-compose section . we created docker swarm and some cool projects around docker with IOT and what is Continues Integration & continues Deployment pipeline ? we dicussed about version control system and ci-cd with jenkins/cirlcle-ci .

after this we started " Docker with IOT - PICO Project "

after this we started day 2 with golang workshop . but i want to share short story with you " from 2 years we started DockerLabs and its inspired me lot to learn and contribute toward docker community and its lucky and honored to work with Docker captain Ajeet Singh Raina ( Founder of Dockerlabs ). almost we conducted 10+ meetups together. i'm always excited to talk with ajeet sir and saiyam pathak . and so far this journey continues to do something more . so i started project call Gopherlabs (Inspired by Dockerlabs ). learning and experimenting with golang form long time . and its time to share my learning via meetups or workshops ."

we started with why google created go programing language and why Golang? and we dicussed some of the top tools built in golang such as kubernetes or docker and so many CNCF project .

we started session from 8.30 am and we covered all beginner track with hands-on experience .

Certificate Distribution To all Participants

Looking forward to Visit again to K L University Hyderabad .

if you want to learn docker or golang feel free to connect with me . I will be visiting to different cities for meetups / universities . meet me and say hi !

if you want to invite me for workshop session you can contact via mail ( or LinkedIn:(

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